A consumer is a person who buys goods or services for consideration and not for resale.
Consumer protection Act is one of the main laws that provide protection to consumer in
India. These laws also aim at establishing a strong mechanism for the settlement of consumer
dispute as consumers are an integral part of economy and safeguarding their interest ensures
long term growth of the business. But, in this cut-throat competitive era many businesses
usually tend to perform certain practice which eventually infringe consumer rights and due to
illiteracy, poverty, legal unawareness, lack of legal guidance and slow legal procedure
consumer often choose to accept their violation of right rather than to seek remedy. Thus, we
at “FASTRACK LEGAL SOLUTIONS” have built an enthusiastic team of legal
professionals who have expertise in consumer laws, have a look at the services we provide: –

Look at the services we provide: -

1. E-filling of complaints
2. Representing in mediation
3. Representing in consumer courts
4. Against unfair trade practice in context of privacy

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