Privacy and Data protection law

To protect the data in this advance hacking world become big challenge for every sector. So,
industries want good advice and security for the same

Privacy and data protection law play important role to provide security for data. But you need
experienced lawyer to deal with this law. Because this law become more challenging day-by –
day. Due to fast changing online world.

Here FastTrack come with it well experienced team of lawyer, who provide you all the services
related to this law.

Services include: -

  • Advise on Setting up of Internal Policies.
  • Advise on Incident Response Planning and Execution.
  • Assistance in Guidance and Formation around Data Compliance Officers (DPOs).
  • Assistance in General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) Advisory.
  • Contractual Assessment and Strategies.
  • Drafting and Review of International Data Transfer Contracts.
  • Designing and Structuring of Internal Compliance Programs (based on the regulatory or
    commercial requirements).
  • Health Check-up: Privacy compliance assessment including GAP analysis on data
    protection and privacy rights.
  • Organising Training and Compliance Awareness Programs.


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