Fast track legal solution is a go-to firm for well-known clients from the private sector, asset management, financial services, accounting, consultancy, and manufacturing industries. The firm is a market leader in providing a full-spectrum solution in cases pertaining to criminal law, like cases of rape, murder, fraud, theft, dacoity, and kidnapping. The firm has niche expertise in handling matters of white-collar crime at all stages of progression, including preventive compliance, cross-border fact-finding investigation on matters related to bribery, and fraud, large-scale internal investigation at preventative and prosecution levels, and defense strategy in corruption and money laundering matters.

The firm has distinctive proficiency in providing both advisory and litigation services encompassing state action and prosecutorial investigation for private clients. We assure personal representation of clients by our field experts right from the trial court to the Supreme Court and the Directorate of Enforcement, working with both Indian and global forensic experts.

We provide our services in matters related to extradition, embezzlement, black money, undisclosed foreign assets, defamation, sexual harassment, blood crimes, cyber crimes, foreign exchange management, corporate governance, extortion, and narcotics investigations.

We are there for you in the registration of criminal cases, bail matters, quashing of FIR and criminal cases, defending CBI cases, and prosecuting and defending criminal matters at all stages of trial and appeal.