Election law

FastTrack is the leading law firm for clients in field of election law. New challenge arises because election become more complex day by day. Contain very holistic view to understand. So, you need a specialist in that particular field to leave no stone unturned.

We specialise in giving strategic advice across the whole political and election law spectrum,
whether government or opposition, campaign etc.

Our services include issue related to: -

  • Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations
  • Federal Election Campaign Act and state campaign finance
  • Federal and state “pay-to-play” laws
  • Foreign Agents Registration Act
  • Lobbying Disclosure Act
  • Gift and travel rules
  • Corporate political disclosure
  • Institutional compliance programs
  • Compliance audits, including state-by-state analyses
  • PAC formation, governance, operations, and reporting
  • Independent expenditures and Super PACS
  • Political advertising and social media campaigns
  • Tax and tax-exemption
  • Voting rights and election administration


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